Introducing Oscar's Adventure Travel

Blog #1 – Introducing Oscar’s Adventure Travel


A new business, a new fancy website, a new Facebook page and a new Twitter account (and yes some of us are already addicted to Twitter).....but who are we and what is Oscar's Adventure Travel all about??? Well……… the three of us (Jim, Steve, Alex) share a passion for the outdoors, in particular a passion for fishing. Steelhead fishing, salmon fishing, trout fishing - we do it all and we love it! But let's get the facts straight right of the bat; some of us are better at fishing than others:


Jim Britton……... Tough to trump someone who caught his first steelhead on a fly at the tender age of 5..... Jim and his family owned and operated Morice River Steelhead Lodge for over 30 years meaning fishing is in his blood. As well as being a third generation Smithers resident, Jim has also been a guide for over 20 years and loves sharing his passion for fishing with his guests!


Steve Hidber…….An expert fisherman as well. He may not catch as many fish as Jim but he knows his stuff when it comes to fishing gear. Steve and family have owned and operated a sporting goods store/tackle store in Smithers since 1958..... Steve loves fishing bling..... Most of his reels are gold in color. Pop Quiz: how many fishing rods does Steve own? Answer: 1254 the current inventory in his fishing store!


Alex Bussmann…It took Alex two seasons to catch and land his first steelhead on a fly... Since then he has not looked back. Originally from Switzerland, Alex and family owned and operated a lodge in the Okanagan for over 10 years before moving to Northern British Columbia. Although not a fishing god yet he is working on fish at a time.


……….And there you have it. The three of us are Oscar's Adventure Travel. We all bring something different to the table, complementing each other well and allowing us to provide an experience to you that no one else can.


The strengths of Oscar's Adventure Travel, or what sets us apart from the other "booking agents", is that we are local. We can give you up to the minute local weather conditions. We can tell you what the rivers look like - we fish them or look at them every day...... Need a ride to or from the airport? No problem, we are here. Have tackle questions? We can help. Looking for a special fishing program that no one else is offering. We have one. In short, we promise that we will go above and beyond to ensure that you have the trip of a lifetime. A trip that’s built to suit you.


It will be our pleasure welcoming you to Northern British Columbia. We would love to book a fishing trip for you! Contact us if you have questions….and we will get right back to you.


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